1. Company introduction:


- Company name in foreign language: LEXI TRADING AND SERVICE LIMITED COMPANY.

- Abbreviation name: LEXICO

- Representative: Ms. LE THI THUY DUNG

- Position: Director

- Transaction office: Tower B - TD Plaza - Lot 20 Le Hong Phong- Ngo Quyen- HP

- Head office address: 1/268 Bui Thi Tu Nhien, Dong Hai 1 Ward, Hai An District, City Hai Phong, Vietnam.

- Transaction office: 1st Floor, Tower B- TD Plaza, Lot 20 Le Hong Phong Street, Dang Giang Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City

- Phone: 0225.736.686 Fax: 0225.736.686

- Website: http://lexico.com.vn - http://lexico.vn - http://quanlychungcuhaiphong.com.vn

- FB: lexico

- Email: thuydung.lexico@gmail.com

2. The process of formation and development:

Le Xi Trading and Service Co., Ltd (LEXICO) was established under the business registration license number 0201117336, issued on September 27th, 2010, issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong City with charter capital. VND 20,000,000,000 (Twenty billion VND).

 Main business lines: Building management, apartment building, luxury apartment rental, office, car rental for experts and brokerage projects of Hai Phong Industrial Park., With 10 years of experience in the field of building management, apartment building management, apartment complex, luxury apartment for rent, office and brokerage projects of Industrial Park - Hai Phong Economic Zone, for rent luxury cars for foreign projects in industrial zones and economic zones in Hai Phong as well as for the whole city. LEXICO has continuously grown strongly in both size and scale of operation. With the prestige and assurance of the quality of management, service quality, LEXICO's vehicles have a variety of services to ensure to serve all the needs of domestic and international customers.

The buildings that (LEXICO) have been managing and operating are Tower B- TD Plaza, SHP Apartment, Pruska Town An Dong apartment complex ...

 LEXICO provides medium and high-end utility apartment rental services: TD Plaza Tower A- B Le Hong Phong; Thuong Ly Vinhome area; Waterfond Cau Rao; Van Cao Quarter; ...

LEXICO Provides high-class car rental services for foreign General Directors and experts, FDI projects over 95% are foreign customers who rent to stay and work ...

LEXICO is confident to bring you the best service quality not only because of the product named LEXICO but also by the big brands. Most importantly, we are extremely confident in the quality of our service staff. First of all, our professional drivers are all people with many years of experience in serving customers.

With charter capital of 20,000,000,000 VND.

- Total revenue in 2011: 3,552,136,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2012: 7,223,246,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2013: 25,412,098,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2014: 42,865,203,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2015: 63,112,756,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2016: 65,220,638,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2017: 67,153,526,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2018: 68,450,300,000 (VND)

- Total revenue in 2019: 69,886,798,000 (VND)


3. Objectives of the company:

The company's slogan is: "Management for the future"

Put "Customer" and the word "Trust" as the focus: LEXICO is committed to striving to satisfy the maximum demand of foreign customers. LEXICO takes the trust and assessment of customers as the target to implement the tasks in 2025 as follows:

- LEXICO Company will be the leading company in the management and operation system of buildings, apartments, apartment complexes ... in Hai Phong city.

- LEXICO Company will be the leading company in luxury apartment rental service for foreigners in Hai Phong city.

- LEXICO Company will be one of the leading companies in car rental service for foreign projects in Hai Phong city.


4. Organizational structure:

4.1 Model:

  Total number of employees in the Company: 68 people

  In which, the Building and Apartment Management Department has 40 people and the Driver Department: 20 drivers (Driving experience over 5 years and can listen, speak English, Chinese, Korean ...)

4.2 Functions and duties of departments:

* Chairman of the Board of members cum Director of the company:

is the legal representative of the business - is the general manager responsible to the board of directors. 01 person

* Deputy Director: is the person who directly manages departments, divisions of the company, is responsible to the Director for all activities of the company. 01 person

* The departments include:

- Sales and customer care department: 03 people

 - Personnel Administration: 02 people

 - Accounting department: 02 people

- Vehicle management and driver office: 25 people

- Management board of apartments, apartment complexes: 40 people

5. Some typical customers:

Since its establishment up to now, LEXICO has built a strong foothold, especially in the field of car rental, transporting factory directors, engineers and employees to companies. and factories in industrial and economic zones. LEXICO has gained the trust of domestic customers as well as foreign customers in Vietnam and other international partners:

- Korean companies: Huyndai Engineering, Hallim Contruction, Choongjeoong Vietnam, EXA Vietnam, Daewoo, Heavy Industry Doosan HP Comet, Dongbu Eschem, LG Steel, Dongjin, PIT Vina ...

- Japanese companies: Toyo Contruction, Nippon Prama, Shimizu Contruction, Azbil Vietnam, Chodai., Ltd, Agape Vietnam, Coatech J Hanoi, Nakagawa, Hitachi Transport VN, Hitachi Plant, JFE Engineering, IMG Vietnam , NGK Filtech, Nippon Koei, JFE, Takahata Precision, Vina-bingo, Y- Tech VN, Jungbu Eschem, Standard Units Supply ...

- Australian companies: DMS Maritime ...

 - German companies: KNAUF Vietnam,

- Singapoo companies: VSIP Hai Phong, Chasen Transport, Somerset Central, Ascott International ...

- Romani Companies: Alewwijin Marine Galati S.A ...

- British companies: New world Fashion ..

- Malaysian companies: Parkson Ltd ...

- Chinese companies: Hoi Wah, Media ...

- Spanish companies: Gentisa Ingenieria ...

- Companies of the Netherlands: Damen Song Cam ...

- American companies: Pear wings NGO ...

- Belgian companies: Dinh Vu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company Hai Phong ...

- Vietnamese companies: Nam Real Estate Company, Thuy Duong Trading Joint Stock Company, APACHEM Paint and Chemical Joint Stock Company, Hoang Huy Joint Stock Company (Hoang Huy Group), Car Star Company Vietnam, Mercedes An Du Company, Performance Motor Vietnam, Au Chau VN Auto Company, Thuy Duong Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company, Duy Khanh Company Limited, Khang Thinh Company Limited, Vinaline Company, VIPCO Real Estate Company,. ..

There are also many organizations and individuals who have trusted and used the services of Le Xi Trading and Service Co., Ltd.

With the criteria:

"Service Quality and Customer's Trust is LEXICO's Success"

We are very pleased and look forward to Cooperation with our customers


Director Manager



Le Thi Thuy Dung

Contact information :
  • Headquarters: No: 1/268 Bui Thi Tu Nhien St., Hai An District, Hai Phong city
  • Email : thuydung.lexico@gmail.com
  • Tel : 0906.182.555
  • Hotline : 0906.182.555
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